Father's Day Gift Ideas: Top 5 Reasons Your Dad Needs an EcoFlow

So you’re shopping for the best Father’s Day gifts? You’re in the right place son… or daughter. A portable power station is exactly what your dad didn’t know he was missing in his life. Here’s five reasons why you should buy him one for a Father’s Day gift:

1) Untether your dad from the tangles of 20th century power

Your dad may have been made in the 20th century, but that doesn’t mean his power source has to have been. EcoFlow power stations are the portable power sources of the future that can be taken pretty much anywhere.

Dad in the wild holding his DELTA

Whether it's in the back of a golf buggy, out on an expedition, or on a family trip, taking power anywhere is as it sounds. Empowering. It means all your devices have charge at all times. It means you can power appliances from anywhere. It means your dad loved his father’s day gift.

2) Liberate your dad from power sockets

Okay, so you’ve liberated your dad from wall socket tyranny with an EcoFlow. What’s next? Of course, he’s in the yard using his power tools without the tangle of extension cords. It gets better. He can plug directly into his new EcoFlow and benefit from a huge output, it can power pretty much anything.

Your dads’ workbench of the future

3) Give your dad the power of the sun

Nothing feels nicer than knowing you can charge up anywhere. Ask Lorde. Once he’s got his new EcoFlow and a solar panel or two, your dad can literally harness the power of the sun to charge up his EcoFlow power station from anywhere.

Stock Dad, harnessing the sun

4) Make sure he’s got power on the road

Give your dad the gift of power in his car. At risk of being a few stereotypes deep, here’s another: Next time he hosts a tailgate barbeque at the game, have him take along his shiny new EcoFlow portable power station for power without the noise of a generator. Or perhaps he’s off on a roadtrip with the family? Power phones, laptops, speakers or even a hairdryer for his luscious man mane. 

Lucious man mane not included

5) EcoFlow power stations are the best price they’ve ever been

So you’re about to pull the trigger eh? Your dad is gonna love it. Lucky for you, you can save up to $650 on EcoFlow power stations for a limited time as it’s Prime Day. Treat yourself with the savings and treat your dad to the future of portable power.